Real estate brokerage services for private individuals, medium and large companies.


The essence of the brokerage services offered by “Vilniaus Turtas” is actions of qualified and competent staff by which we try to find the best solution for both parties of the deal.

“Vilniaus Turtas” team can:

  • find another party of a deal, which will accept the proposed terms and conditions and agree on the deal;
  • give advice and assistance during negotiations;
  • check all information relating to the subject;
  • find solutions that are the most useful to the client;
  • advise to make price assessment of the purchased/ sold/lased real estate;
  • inform the customer on key issues related to purchase / sale of the real estate;
  • advise how the client should behave in order to achieve desired results;
  • offer financial institutions offering most favorable conditions for purchase of the real estate;
  • recommend property assesors
  • recommend companies providing top quality construction / decoration services.

We offer the following services to our clients in Lithuania:

  • We mediate in buying, selling and leasing any real estate – apartments, houses, commercial premises, land, gardens and homesteads;
  • Quickly and effectively look for clients;
  • We guarantee that documents on purchase, sale and lease of the real estates will be checked in registers of various institutions for security reasons of the deal.
  • Prepare the documents necessary for signing a preliminary, advance agreement, arrange finalizing of the deal at the notary office, supervise settlement of accounts;
  • Help in cases of indebtnes and distraint of the real estate;
  • With our help you will get the necessary property assessment and bank loans for purchasing of a housing;
  • We buy the mortgaged, distrained and indebted real estate of any kind;
  • We provide competent advice on the issues of the real estate, legislation, loans and taxes.