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Thermovisual Research

Each owner of the real estate is concerned to maintain the desired temperature in his or her house. The more insulation or construction defects are made while constructing the building, the higher operating costs are incurred.

To help you buying a quality home we recommend our partner Personal Company “ATERMA” to perform thermovisual research of the house.

Why it might be useful for you?

After PC “ATERMA”’employees make a thermovisual research of the premises, it will be easier for you to make right decisions when buying and evaluating the cost of housing.

PC “ATERMA” trying to save your time and money in the field of apartments, private houses, heat loss analysis of commercial buildings, provides the following services:

  • Thermovisual research of buildings and establishment of defective locations.
  • Thermovisual research of buildings with recommendations for renovation.
  • Roof thermal insulation state tests.
  • Establishment of moisture accumulation points “a dew point”.
  • Establishment of defects in floor heating system.

PC “ATERMA” promotes a flexible price policy, therefore UAB “Vilniaus Turtas” offers 15% discount to all thermovisual researches to all clients.

The price of PC “Aterma” thermovisual researches with its analysis ranges between LTL 1 to 1.2 /1 sq.m.  + VAT.

This means that a thermovisual research of 200sq.m house would cost you about LTL 250.
Thermovisual researches shall be ordered by phone, agreeing on the time convenient to both parties. Thermovisual analysis shall be sent to the client within two weeks in an electronic form to e-mail or printed on sheets and put into a file sent by registered mail.

A professional who has a certificate of thermovisual research specialist and a long working experience shall perform thermovisual researches.  For more information on thermovisual researches contact a professional in this field:

Mangirdas Trimonis
Tel.: 8-671-19199  

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