Real estate brokerage services for private individuals, medium and large companies.
We work with the following banks:

We can recommend services provided by these banks and professionals working in the loan sector.
According to the preliminary data, the following natural persons can get a loan for purchasing a housing, who:

  • are over 18 years old and hold a valid identity document;
  • are employed or engaged in individual activities or get fixed social security allowances or other official income;
  • own the property that can be mortgaged;
  • have a sponsor who makes official income or may make surety of his/her property;
  • has no overdue debts.

These are the main criteria to be met by persons wishing to obtain a loan. Upon request, in all cases, each client is inspected individually, so the client’s personal compliance with these criteria does not guarantee granting a loan at the abovementioned banks.

For a preliminary consultation, please contact a representative of “Vilniaus Turta”s:
Linas Ginaitis
Tel 8 673 77700


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Eglė Zabielskienė
tel (8 5) 242 0040
mob. 86 16 02469
Fabijoniškių g. 2A, Vilnius

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Lorėta Ašmiagienė
tel (8 5) 239 3223
mob. 86 98 10948
Vilniaus g.18, Vilnius

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