Real estate brokerage services for private individuals, medium and large companies.

Geodesic Measurements

We collaborate with the company UAB “Ramilė” performing geodesic and cadastral measurements.

The following works are performed:

  • coordinates of the turning points of the lot boundaries and boundary marks are set;
  • area of the lot and geometrical parameters of buildings are calculated;
  • outlines of the used land are mapped;
  • limitations of the land use and servitudes are marked in the plan;
  • a lot plan is prepared;
  • a file of cadastrial measurements of the real estate is made.

Persons wishing to obtain geodesic measurements of their property should submit the following documents:

  • Legal registration of the lot (certificate from the Register, sales and purchase agreement)
  • Preliminary (or detailed) plan of the lot;
  • Legal registration of buildings, if any (Certificate fromr the Register)
  • Copy of the owner’s passport
  • Cadastral / geodesic measurements are carried upon filing an application and signing an agreement.

Dear Clients, we would like to warn persons, who are planning to sell the owned property (real estate) to take care of timely precise measurements. Recently, there are a lot of cases when started sales and purchase deals are terminated because of unfinished cadastral and geodesic measurements.  Since the beginning of 2008 deals cannot be registered at the Center of Registers if they have no precise (cadastral) measurements of the lot.

Rural development projects (setting up farmhouses)

Taking into account wishes of many clients, we also carry out rural development projects: we choose and design the farm homestead location, layout of buildings and facilities necessary for agricultural activities under terms and conditions of planning issued by the district planning department.

Rural development planning projects are developed in accordance with the Land Law of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 1994, No. 34-620, 2004, No. 28 to 868), Law on Territorial Planning of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 1995, No.107-2391, 2004, No. 21 to 617), the Law on Agricultural and Rural Development of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 2002, No. 72-3009), Law on Protected Areas of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 1993, No. 63-1188, 2001, No. 108 -3902), Law on Forests of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 1994, No. 96-1872, 2001, No. 35-1161), the provisions on land use, environmental protection, change layout of land use conditions.

Persons wishing to obtain geodesic measurements of their property, should submit the following documents:

  • a copy of the owned plan of the lot;
  • a certificate of legal registration of the lot;
  • if your lot is in the territory of a natural park, in addition you should submit district planning conditions of your region of the Ministry of Environment;.
  • a topographic pictute of the lot;
  • a farmer’s registration certificate of the farm. (The farmer’s farm shall be registered in that particular lot, where you want to form a homestead).

In all matters on cadastral / geodesic measurements, rural development projects or setting up farmer’s farm, contact UAB “Ramilė” representative:

Kirtimų 2, Vilnius
Antanas Jurkonis
Tel. 8 652 52271