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Change Of The Intended Use

We recommend the following services:

  • Formation of boundaries of the lots while designing new lots
  • Division of the lot into two or more lots, separating one or more parts of the lot from the lot owned under the common ownership combining two or more lots into one lot.
  • Projects are prepared performing cadastral measurements of the newly formed lots;
  • We change the intended use of the lot quickly and at a reasonable price.
  • Detailed planning of territories
  • Change of the intended use (from agricultural to residential, recreational, commercial, territory of infrastructure)
  • Establishement of the way, nature and regulations (use, height, building density)
  • Topographical pictures
  • Designed servitute roads
  • Designed engineering networks.

If you wish to change the intended use of the owned lot, it is necessary: 

a) to sign a cooperation agreement on change of the intended use
b) to submit the documents listed below:

  1. a copy of the lot plan;
  2. a certificate of legal registration of the lot (ownership certificate);
  3. the lot owner's passport
  4. a completed application (for application forms click on a link)
    ( Vilnius city form) ( Vilnius district form) ( Trakai district form).
Basic price of a detailed 1 ha area LTL 6, 000
Preparation of documents, collection of primary data LTL 500 (does not depend on the lot area)
Price of the first additional hectare LTL 3,000
Price of any other consequtive additional hectare LTL 2,000


The cost of a topographic picture and engineering network is not included, if the mains have to be planned for engineering network outside the planned territory.

VAT included.

We will provide a preliminary reply within 20 business days.

Due date for the completion of works - six months (the time is calculated starting with a preliminary reply).

On issues related to change of the intended use, division of lots and other matters contact the architect:

Rimvydas Višniauskas
Tel. 8 654 24046

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